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Open OS terminals for non-banking services: threats & security

With the rise of new payment technologies, multiple services that were, up to now, hardly accessible for some villages become today an important source of revenue and development for the local IT and software companies as well as the inhabitants.
Non-banking services as top ups, bill payment, ticketing etc… find a quick and efficient support on using open OS terminals as a hardware vehicle.

The question here is all about how to reach the necessary security level for this kind of services which are not at the same level of requirements as pure banking services for example but still requires a minimum of locks to be setup for a smooth and secure deployment.

In this white paper we speak based on our experience about what is the risk and how to prevent it.
Open OS terminals can be used if the service provider and the manufacturer work closely to implement all the necessary locks to protect the overall system and business.
The Terminal being a first door for hackers, we invite our customers to get in touch with the manufacturer for adding the complete set of locks to their systems in order to reach the necessary peace of mind when deploying their services.

Open OS terminals for non-banking services: threats & security

White Paper January 2020